Hello & Welcome!

Hi there! We're Lorraine and Maryke - medical professionals in Cape Town and the founders of Skroptoppie.

After working for 4 years, we were already tired of our ill-fitting and dull uniforms and realised that most of our colleagues were too. We all wanted to express ourselves and feel like an individual in our work clothes. So, we decided to create something that we and our colleagues could feel comfortable and stylish in.

The answer was: Skroptoppie.

We're Here for You

We are all about customer service. If your scrub doesn't fit we will happily alter it for you to get that perfect fit.

If you are a medical practice or large company in need of scrub tops, please contact us so we can organise a bulk order for you.

Enhance your professional wardrobe today and show your true colours.

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Why Buy Skroptoppie Scrubs?

Skroptoppie designs and makes patterned, soft cotton scrub tops that are workable, practical and fashionable. We want to go out of our way to make our scrubs comfortable and stylish for any medical professional's needs and preferences.

We want to challenge the industry with our colourful, fun scrubs. Our work is hard and often glum, but that doesn’t mean our outfits need to be as well. Let’s bring joy into our everyday working lives!

Sizes are customisable and made to fit your body

We don’t mass produce – our scrubs are exclusive

Patterns and colours express your individuality

Scrubs are made from the highest-quality fabrics

Personalised embroidery is available on request

Nationwide delivery is available